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Our phone bill is now $5 a month.

That’s right, $5. Background: We have been happy primus customers for years (see previous complementary post),View full post »


“English” “Customer Retention” “I’m planning to switch to Bell HDTV.  What can youView full post »

You think *you've* got problems?

Change in value of 29 select financial firms over the past 12 months. Excerpted from Michael Berry’s morning notesView full post »

Free Lunch!

… as in, sometimes there *is* such a thing as a free lunch.   Our new house had a manual thermostat, which looksView full post »

Think changing your light bulbs is going to save the world?

“In the US there are 240 million cars (as of 2006) for 300 million people. In China there are 30 million cars forView full post »

Can you hold cheese inside an RRSP?

Subsidized ethanol increases demand for corn, which is also used to feed dairy cows, which make cheese. Funny thingsView full post »

In the news …

Americans on average visit quick service restaurants 17 times a month. An annual survey ranks the top 10 cities in theView full post »

Doing our part, against our wills. Sort of.

Since we leased our truck just over 3 years ago, I’ve felt a sense of guilt.  And starting the day we drove itView full post »

New addiction.

I admit it.  I tried my first pair of Lululemon pants on this weekend and I’m already hooked.  I had heard fromView full post »

So you’re saying I have a severe garment deficiency? Nonsense.

I’m flattered that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the USA reads this blog. On Thursday he warned thatView full post »

Tech problems …

… have been resolved. Kinda. I now know that the problem was our server was full. Not over our limit, but full. SoView full post »

Life After Baby …

… aka Can I Have All That Money Back That I’ve Wasted Over The Past Few Years? It’s 10 days A.J. (View full post »

Avert your eyes children, it’s finance!

Gary and I frequent a website called Be Early, run by John Budden and Rob Snow, two personalities from Ottawa talk radioView full post »

Gak! Income Trusts …

[Updated.  Barf.] The conservatives announced changes to Canadian tax law last night that will affect how companiesView full post »