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Paying down Canada’s mortgage.

Government applies entire surplus to federal debt 2005 federal surplus: $13 504 000 000 2005 interest paid on debt: $21View full post »

Vegas, baby!

I consider myself (and Shannen and I as a team) good at managing our money. The last few years, most excess money hasView full post »

What makes a dollar worth a dollar?

Our dollar is a fiat currency, meaning it is not ultimately exchangeable for anything (if, say, everyone wanted to tradeView full post »

Pop goes your house.

I We have no money to invest right now, with a new house and baby on the way. But I’m still following a few selectView full post »

Unsolicited Product Endorsement #62

Do me a favour – pull out your last telephone bill. What did having a land-line cost you last month? $50? PlusView full post »

CIBC and Glasses of Baileys

Let me preface this rant by saying that I’m an engineer, with absolutely no marketing training and only a vagueView full post »


Our house sold on the weekend, on the first day of viewings to the second of four viewers.  We had many more viewingsView full post »

Wanna buy a house?

Good old 973 is on the block … to join 552, 1978 and 286 as previous street numbers inhabited by the Murphy-View full post »

Law-abiding citizen

  I’ll admit it…I broke the law this weekend.  Actually, I probably break the law every day (What, you donView full post »

JDSU stock is awesome!

So much for helping us out in hitting 25% downpayment on our new house …View full post »

No stock for you

Just got a call from our broker – we did not get Tim Horton’s stock in the IPO. Not a surprise, but a bitView full post »

now with more vitamin k!

welcome to the new and improved we’ve migrated over to blogging software, which should make it wayView full post »