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Beach Day

Still on course to having the best summer ever.  This task in not an easy one.  There is a fine balance between tryingView full post »

Frozen Solid

I never realized how down in the dumps I am by February/early March until I feel that first warm breeze as SpringView full post »

Summer Lovin’

The weather this weekend was not perfect.  A lot of dark clouds hung over head and rain fell at times throughout bothView full post »

The good, the bad and the ugly

I’m a long-time recycler and an avid composter.  Even before our city introduced a green bin program, Dan and IView full post »


This Sunday has brought the Fullertons: -a renewed desire to get some work done on our kitchen.  Do I even need toView full post »


This weekend I was here: It was our first real vacation in a year and a half. And we enjoyed the hell out of it. I wasView full post »

So far, so so so good.

Our lazy, hazy days of summer have been full and busy.  We’ve knocked off almost everything on our list and theView full post »

Wishing for a little of this…

It is DRY around here.  That beautiful green grass you see above is brown and crispy and painful to walk across in bareView full post »

What’s your plan?

I *think* I’ve said it here before – only because I say it a lot and can’t imagine that this blog hasView full post »