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Annnnnd it’s here.

Race day is tomorrow.  It feels like I’ve been waiting 100 years to tie up our laces and go, but in reality, it&#View full post »

A good rant takes the blahs away

Another grey and snowy day.  The third or fourth in a row…IN APRIL.  It’s depressing.  It should be warmView full post »

Down but not out.

Thankfully this summer has been sprinkled with goodness (visits from family and friends, trips out of town), becauseView full post »

Unorganized chaos.

So.  We’re moved in.  All of our stuff has been moved from one house and stuffed into the other.  And untilView full post »

Third farm on the left.

I don’t know if it’s the people, the history, the stories Dan tells or the beauty of it all, but I can countView full post »

Making the best of rainy days…

It’s been ugly here lately. We barely get out from under one cloud when another rushes in. We’ve definitelyView full post »

In the very, very, very small minority…

Try to hold back the gasps, Ladies, but it turns out I don’t really like Lululemon clothes. Let me explain myselfView full post »

The Great Cookie Cat-astrophe

I’m finally ready to talk about it…but just barely ready.   When planning Jaia’s 1st birthday partyView full post »

Doing our part, against our wills. Sort of.

Since we leased our truck just over 3 years ago, I’ve felt a sense of guilt.  And starting the day we drove itView full post »

Cabin Fever.

I’m tired of winter.  Yes, I do realize that we’ve had it incredibly easy this year.  Hardly any snowView full post »

Bad hair. Damn.

Last week I made a hair appointment at a local ‘salon’. It was going to be my first haircut by someone otherView full post »

Cracked pots.

Augusto Pinochet died over the weekend. I don’t know much about his time in power beyond what wikipedia tells me.View full post »

Dual Citizenship

It’s pretty clear to me that the Prime Minister of Canada should be a citizen of Canada only. This would be trueView full post »

Annoyed. **Updated**

Dan and I want to buy a rocking chair. One of those simple decisions that you make, act on and accomplish. Or so weView full post »

Renewed faith in the kindness of strangers

When Dan, Liz and I met up in Vegas and made our way to the check-in line at our hotel, we found it to be about 200View full post »