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Playing Catch Up – Jaia at 8.5 and Wes at 5

2015 kicked my ass – from the first kisses at the stroke of midnight, until the champagne was raised a full yearView full post »

Snakes Alive!

Remember when birthday parties consisted of pin the tail on the donkey, cake and a few presents?  Well,  that was thenView full post »

A case for slowing down…

When Wesley started kindergarten in September, I made the heartbreaking (for me) decision to go back to work, full-timeView full post »

What she said.

For a week I’ve been trying to find the words to express the feeling of sending your child off to school for theView full post »

Beach Day

Still on course to having the best summer ever.  This task in not an easy one.  There is a fine balance between tryingView full post »

First and Last – 2014 edition

Last year I posted a split of Jaia’s first and last day of school.  I love being able to see how much she’sView full post »

Best. Summer. Ever.

The last few months have seen me busier than I’ve ever been.  Ever.  It sounds like an exaggeration – andView full post »

Birthday boy

I recently read that if you can do something in 5 minutes, you should do it then.  If you wait, it won’t get doneView full post »

Wesley, Age 4

And just for kicks, click here to see Jaia at four.   For a few more click here.View full post »

Home Projects

The amount of unfinished projects around this house  is unreal.  Dan and I are famous for starting something and thenView full post »

December 31.

I’ve mentioned our tradition before.  It’s one of my favourites.  Why wait until the end of the day whenView full post »

At three.

The world looks different at three.  Sometimes the world is whinier and pickier at three.  And more energetic.  HolyView full post »

three and a half

Tomorrow, while the kids are at school I’m going to whip up a cake for my little dude.  And we’ll celebrateView full post »


Since Wes could talk he has loved Halloween.  Monsters, zombies, vampires, all of it.  And I’m happy to obligeView full post »

#dailygram – The Georgetown Tackle

A lessor known dance move, but a favourite nonetheless.View full post »