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Daddy’s Boy

They look so cute together that sometimes I let him think that Wes loves him more.   Shhhhh…  View full post »

And then…

Sometimes, when I least expect it, when the day is at it’s roughest, this happens.  And then all is right in theView full post »


As an aspiring photographer, I can easily say that, BY FAR, the hardest things for me to photograph are my own childrenView full post »

Not Wes.

Nope, but it is clear who he gets his hairstyle  from. Hello, little boy Dan.  View full post »

Look at them now – 5.5 and 2

In keeping with the theme of posting late, I thought I’d better get these gems up as well before they outdateView full post »

To my birthday boy (only a couple of months late :)

Sweet Wesley, As I finally type this out, it actually hurts.  Putting down the words that you are already two years oldView full post »

Tiny toilets can’t hurt …

But it didn’t help, either. False alarm.View full post »

Just super.

For his birthday gift, a cape and mask.  And one for his sister, too.  Hours of imaginative play and many, many, manyView full post »

Busy bees

So, between a lot of this: And this: we have been busy, busy bees.  We are finally at a point after 5 days where theView full post »

So there’s that.

My cat is almost as big as my son.  Awesome.View full post »

Just reminding myself…

…that they love each other. On the days when they are trying to plot each other’s demise, I need to rememberView full post »

Kitchen games

The boy and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together.  Not quality time, anyway.  Much of our mornings areView full post »