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Home Projects

The amount of unfinished projects around this house  is unreal.  Dan and I are famous for starting something and thenView full post »

Hello my stylish friends. I need your help.

So I finally got the other bannister stained.  I am in love with how it turned out.  On the time and energy scale,View full post »

Busy bees

So, between a lot of this: And this: we have been busy, busy bees.  We are finally at a point after 5 days where theView full post »

Uh oh.

I feel like we are at the part in the home renovation show where they get the bad news…View full post »

Bits & Pieces: Making Me Smile Edition

The weekend was amazing. Seriously amazing. It was long, warm, sunny and very chill. We had a few plans, some played outView full post »

New wall art

I am seriously in love with my new DIY wall art. I have always loved the goofiness of pictures from a photobooth.  SoView full post »

More home renos…

Picture this: It’s the mid-seventies. Pants are bell bottomed, disco is on the radio, and smoked mirrors are allView full post »


I’ve been busy over the last few months.  Not just with work and kids, but with the house.  While we aren’View full post »

Looking for inspiration…

So the bathroom is done.  The master bedroom is painted and is starting to come together.  I still have a lot to do,View full post »

First room

So the renos I mentioned I was doing were mis-labelled.  They are more like updates.  I promised Dan a full year offView full post »

Lovely Bones

We moved into our new house in December.  It’s a lovely house.  Well, the bones of it are, anyway. When you lookView full post »

Reno Update #347

Well kids, We are close to finished the biggest project we’ve ever taken on.   Ever.  Our kitchen is fullyView full post »

Countertops Thursday!

We got the call yesterday – countertop dudes are coming Thursday! So excited. Once countertops are in, it’sView full post »

Taking Shape

The kitchen is taking shape.  We can see what it will become one day.  Not so far away.  We finished grout onView full post »

Latest Reno update…

For those of you who are coming to stay with us over Christmas, we may have some bad news…We will likely not haveView full post »