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Home Projects

The amount of unfinished projects around this house  is unreal.  Dan and I are famous for starting something and thenView full post »

So far so good…Part one

I mentioned 100 years ago that we were working on some changes to the house.  That, my friends, would be anView full post »

Cheer Squad

It’s no secret.  I love the Olympics.  I watch every game, contest and race that I can. I don’t stopView full post »

Not Wes.

Nope, but it is clear who he gets his hairstyle  from. Hello, little boy Dan.  View full post »

Science is cool.

Remember in grade 3 when you learned about the life cycle of a butterfly? I don’t. Well, not the specific detailsView full post »

Snow Day

Last week it snowed.  It was like magic as we pulled into the parking lot of the ski hill where we’d booked aView full post »

Bits & Pieces: Making Me Smile Edition

The weekend was amazing. Seriously amazing. It was long, warm, sunny and very chill. We had a few plans, some played outView full post »

Youtube to the rescue. Again.

I have always envied those gals that can complete their outfits by just throwing on a scarf.  They make it look so easyView full post »

Day 157 – Weekend away

While Dan was busy with my two babes over the weekend, I was basking in the glow of time away with no responsibility, noView full post »

Sweet local talent

In her 3 + years, Jaia has been spoiled with fancy dancy cakes to celebrate her birthdays and other special occasionsView full post »