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The Flash and a zombie skeleton walk into a bar…

Halloween 2014.  The one that fell on a Friday night.  The one that did not require an early bedtime.  But didView full post »

Grumpy cat – Christmas style

Roxy may never be famous for it, but man is she grumpy.  Even at Christmas time.View full post »

At three.

The world looks different at three.  Sometimes the world is whinier and pickier at three.  And more energetic.  HolyView full post »

Merry Christmas!

I had grand intentions of getting Christmas cards ready and in the mail weeks early this year.  I was going to write aView full post »


Since Wes could talk he has loved Halloween.  Monsters, zombies, vampires, all of it.  And I’m happy to obligeView full post »

The photobooth never disappoints.

Give some girls a camera, some props and access to a camera, and hilarity ensues.  Almost all of these were taken byView full post »

Visit with the Man in Red

Wesley’s first visit (at 8 months old) left him confused. The year after, he was kinda freaked out. This yearView full post »

Trampoline Club.

On Canada Day, Sarah, Carole and I wisely kicked the kids out of the trampoline before giving it a go.  Very wisely (View full post »

Snow Day

Last week it snowed.  It was like magic as we pulled into the parking lot of the ski hill where we’d booked aView full post »

Strict rules = Lovebugs

We got a note a few weeks ago asking parents NOT to send any kid of treats for Valentine’s Day.  I understand,View full post »

Lotsa Lovin’

I’m not sure I’ve had this much fun behind the camera in a long time.  I adore when they play along…View full post »

Merry Christmas to all…

To say that the average Christmas is hectic would be an understatement.  This one, even more so.  We’ve alreadyView full post »


There is no more magical time of year than Christmas. And now that I have kids, it is even more so. I remember, as aView full post »

The season is in full swing

On his way home tonight, Dan is stopping to pick up our Christmas tree.  A real one.  Our first real one in many yearsView full post »

All dressed up!

This is the first Halloween that Jaia truly had an opinion about she would dress up as.  And the costume you see aboveView full post »