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The Flash and a zombie skeleton walk into a bar…

Halloween 2014.  The one that fell on a Friday night.  The one that did not require an early bedtime.  But did require visits from friends who stayed long after trick or treating.  And I almost didn’t blog it.

Wes and I were sitting together at sister’s swim practice, 30 minutes before we’d be running to her hour long soccer practice (in the same night – our new reality) and he was starting to get bored.  I could tell.  The fidgeting began.  The trips to the water fountain were more frequent.  I looked up at the clock.   I wasn’t ready to just hand over the phone yet and let him disappear into a game.

So I improvised.  I started talking about Halloween pasts.  He loves Halloween.  And I told him I’d show him a picture of when he was dressed as a skeleton, from his first Halloween, one he had no memory of.  I pulled up the blog and showed him pictures of not only his skeleton costume, but when he was a zebra, Spiderman, and a dragon.  He loved it.

And I suddenly felt awful.  I hadn’t made time to blog this Halloween.  Or Wesley’s last birthday.  Or Jaia’s.  I’ve missed posting a lot of moments – moments that I’ll wish I’d documented down the road when the kids ask questions and want to see pictures.

So I decided that I need to keep on keeping on with this little space.  And I hope to spend a bit more time here than I have been.  And I’ll start with this year’s instalment of the Fullerton Halloween.

This year we happened upon Jaia’s costume.  In August.  There was only one.  It was in her size.  And she loved it.  The boy? Slightly more difficult.  I brought home an amazing pirate skeleton that was a no brainer.  But wanted nothing to do with it.  When I asked him to try it on thinking he would fall in love once he WAS the pirate, he cringed like it was burning his skin.  (Dramatic?  Yes.)  He wanted to be the Flash.  Out of nowhere, and of all the superheroes, it had to be the Flash.  And the Flash he was.


The actual day/evening of Halloween always flies by so fast that I often forget to pull out the camera until it is way too dark out or the sugar high has hit and they won’t stay still.  So for the second year in a row I dressed the up a few days befre Halloween and went out for a little impromptu photoshoot.

And we had some fun with it.


The kids were pumped.  And a little creeeeeepy.


Make that A LOT creeeeepy.


And well, there was also this.


Hope your little monsters enjoyed the heck out of the day.  I’m starting to think we’re going to have a hard time outdoing this Halloween…

November 30, 2014 - 8:57 am

Mrs. D - Good job on the costumes
and the pics are also spectacular, as usual Shannen!!

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