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What she said.

For a week I’ve been trying to find the words to express the feeling of sending your child off to school for theView full post »

First and Last – 2014 edition

Last year I posted a split of Jaia’s first and last day of school.  I love being able to see how much she’sView full post »

My boy, the pre-schooler.

Last week Wes went to his very first pre-school class. He woke up that morning with an enormous grin on his face.  ItView full post »

Enter Grade 2.

Despite the nerves, Jaia’s first day of Grade 2 went swimmingly.  She landed a wicked awesome teacher, and aView full post »

She killed Grade 1

The school year is over.  In the blink of an eye, 10 months passed and my little lady is heading off down the path toView full post »

First Day of School 2012

So it came.  I talked about my anxiety and my excitement about today here and here.  Grade One and the first day ofView full post »

Grade One

Please allow me just one more (ok, 2 more) posts about our transition into grade one.  This is huge for me, People.  View full post »

So we wait

This year has brought another new adventure. Jaia, for the first time, is taking the bus to and from school. It wasView full post »

Day 288 – Tiny Dancer

Today Jaia took part in her school’s Dance-a-thon.  There was a 15 minute time slot where the JK kids wereView full post »

Day 274 – Winterlude

Jaia’s class went on a field trip to Winterlude.  Wes and I tagged along, and since I couldn’t actuallyView full post »