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Misunderstandings of the sweetest kind

#1 In the car on Saturday to pick up our Christmas tree, I remind Jaia that we’ll be putting the tree on the roofView full post »

Cool as a cucumber.

Lately I’ve been more forgetful than usual.  The kids and I spend an awful lot of time retracing steps or goingView full post »

Conversations with Jaia

After her bath, on her way to play with Barbies before bed – “I love you, you’re my true love kiss manView full post »

Day 224 – Conversations with Jaia, December 2010 edition

It’s been ages since I’ve posted one of these.  And seriously, I’m furious with myself for notView full post »

Day 137 – "Movie star glasses"

I bought these sunglasses 5 years ago for my Magnum P.I. themed surprise 30th birthday party.  I haven’t wornView full post »

Conversations with Jaia

“Jaia, what should we get Daddy for Father’s Day?” ” Ummm…  Oh, I know!  A Jasmine dollView full post »

Day 18 – The first in a long line…

The other day, Jaia and I walked over to the store with a freezie (a.k.a. a distraction) in hand.  Hers was berry, mineView full post »

Day 3 – Happy Nana

… and a bonus Jaia video:View full post »

All in a day….

Last week Jaia and I had a big, big day.  I had an early doctor’s appointment, we had some errands to run in theView full post »

Conversations with Jaia – March 23

“Mama, I don’t think I want to be a mermaid when I grow up anymore.” “Oh, what do you want to beView full post »

Melt my heart.

Overheard after dinner tonight: “Daddy, will you be mine forever?” Cutest. Ever.View full post »

Conversations with Jaia – February 8, 2010

While watching Charlotte’s Web: “Mama, it’s not right to give the baby pig away.  It’s just notView full post »

Some recent Conversations with Jaia

One recent night Jaia called out to us in the night. I went in to find her out of bed and upset. I got her back into bedView full post »

Ms. Particular

Dan is away and so Jaia and I decided to have a girl’s night out and went to dinner together.  When the waitressView full post »