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Big cat and a little elf.

I love stumbling upon gems that I forgot existed.  I wonder what Willy said to Roxy to embarrass her so? Perhaps I donView full post »


Did anyone bring any snacks?View full post »

The good, the bad and the ugly

I’m a long-time recycler and an avid composter.  Even before our city introduced a green bin program, Dan and IView full post »


This Sunday has brought the Fullertons: -a renewed desire to get some work done on our kitchen.  Do I even need toView full post »

Things, on a chilly August day.

That’s right, I said chilly.  Here we are after the hottest and driest summer on record – or that IView full post »

Thank you.

Wes, like most little people his age, loves Elmo.  LOVES.  And Elmo is everywhere these days, so hanging out with usView full post »

Sure, why not?

I guess any interest in the potty is a good thing._ …or maybe not…  View full post »

Day 338 – Sock weather

I just want to wear flip flops.  Flip flop weather means sunshine, warm air, skirts, sand between the toes, picnics andView full post »

Day 328 – Best.

A rare but much loved walk home from school with her dad.View full post »

Day 321 – Terrified.

It’s been a virtual snot factory around here.  First the girl.  Then the wee one.  Then the daddy.   I’mView full post »

Failure to Launch

I stopped running. It seems that Murphy’s Law has struck again.  I go ahead and talk about my pain-free trainingView full post »


You know the drill. A co-worker comes around with raffle tickets for a worthy cause, you buy 3 for $10 to be supportiveView full post »

For Sale – Motorola Milestone

I don’t tell the whole story in this usedottawa listing … I lost my smartphone one blustery Tuesday inView full post »