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Worthwhile heavy reading 3

Time Magazine photo essay on Detroit’s decline. So it’s not just me?  Washington Post on recent spate ofView full post »

Found this on one of my many mindless surf sessions…

“It’s the friends you can call at 4 am that matter most”. Well said.View full post »

Worthwhile heavy reading 2

Rolling Stone on The Big Lebowski‘s staying power. Time Magazine’s 2008 Invention of the Year Economist onView full post »

Worthwhile heavy reading

Vanity Fair on Iceland’s financial rise and fall. New York Times on the housing crisis in Cleveland. NationalView full post »


Right in the middle of the family photoshoot, my camera’s counter rolled over.  In just over 3 years of owning myView full post »


How I spent my Thursday evening…View full post »

Today while driving …

… I thought about giving away all my shirts and getting a whole heap of tuxedo t-shirts, and just wearing themView full post »

Warning: spoilers ahead …

I stumbled across this today … and have to share.  Never in the history of man has so much potentialView full post »

Dooce likes 'em too!

One of my very favourite morning reads is  She’s a mom, a wife, an excellent photographer, aView full post »

Imagine the world was your household …

In our house, debt is useful, but also an enemy. We take it on when we have to, but try to pay it off as quickly asView full post »

Un-Kept Promise

So… It turns out I’m a bad blogger and a promise breaker.  I resolved to write more in the New Year and IView full post »

Playing Tourist…

For months now, some girlfriends and I have met on a weekly basis for playdates.  When the babes were really little,View full post »

How’s the weather?

Before I came home to Victoria, Ottawa’s weather was nothing short of lovely, and Victoria’s weather wasView full post »

In the news …

Americans on average visit quick service restaurants 17 times a month. An annual survey ranks the top 10 cities in theView full post »