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Welcome to version 3.0!

Sorry for the downtime folks.  Sure, it may not look any different than version 2.0 (except for some small glitches),View full post »

Wallet Switch-over

My sister-in law Jen bought me a wallet for Christmas.  And not just any wallet, but a beautiful, very functional yetView full post »

Love the butter but hate the separation?

Genius. There’s nothing worse than opening up a new jar, putting a knife or spatula in to mix, and getting oil allView full post »

OAFE – Google Analytics

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging blind for so long.  I had no idea how many visitors we had every day, orView full post »

Day 30 – Snug as a bug in a…

Hotsling! An adorable and functional gift from Aunt Kris and Uncle Kurt. This little gadget, designed to be incrediblyView full post »

Tech problems …

… have been resolved. Kinda. I now know that the problem was our server was full. Not over our limit, but full. SoView full post »

GPSing…your kid?

It’s the new and improved leash.  For parents who once found it necessary to literally attach their kid to theirView full post »

Buying movies and music encourages artists to make more.

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. If you can buy something, or pay to see it, you should not pirate it.View full post »

Travel sites and the relentless march of technology

I like booking travel. I like digging around online, playing with options to find the absolute best deal. I book my ownView full post »

Unsolicited Product Endorsement #62

Do me a favour – pull out your last telephone bill. What did having a land-line cost you last month? $50? PlusView full post »

Gadget Update – aka Geekfest 2006

Haven’t blogged in a while, so this is just a quick commentary on E3 2006 … the big consumer electronicsView full post »

A girl’s best friend:Part deux

I decided that since I can’t prove the existence of the blister stick using Google – I would just take artsyView full post »

A girl’s best friend.

If you’ve ever suffered from summer sandal/shoe ravaged feet, raise your hand.  Yeah, that’s what I figuredView full post »

Let the HD era begin!

After much soul-searching and commitment to devote 2006 to reducing our debt load and saving money, Shannen and I wentView full post »