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Wallet Switch-over

My sister-in law Jen bought me a wallet for Christmas.  And not just any wallet, but a beautiful, very functional yet very stylish wallet.  It is quite possibly the nicest wallet I’ve ever seen and though I fell in love with it immediately, it sat untouched on my shelf until this morning.

After the ‘lost wallet’ fiasco of a few months ago, I was in need of a new one (especially since my old one was found but looked as though it was driven over with a Hummer, twice), and Jen stepped up to the plate.  And that is just so Jen.  Every year, for every holiday, she comes up with the best gifts.  They are always unique and perhaps not something you knew you needed but something you find you can’t live without once you have it.  And though she hinted that one was coming, I’m always surprised when someone else knows me well enough to pick something out that is much more ‘me’ than I could have possibly picked out myself.

So there the perfect wallet sat…for over a month.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or was too lazy to do the switch, it’s that I was afraid.  At least if it remained empty on my shelf, there was no way I could lose it.  It was safe there.  And my old, squashed, green wallet was the one being compromised in the cruel outdoors.  But the love I had for the green wallet had lost it’s lustre.  It was old. And used.  And sad.

So today, I mustered up all the courage I had and I finally made the switch.  And everything fit and has a place, which is a bonus with the new wallet.  Space.  It’s bigger and definitely more grown up than wallets I’ve used in the past.  And more space means that I can actually put a picture of Jaia in it.  I haven’t up until now because it would have quickly tattered from being jammed into one of the slots.  And I felt so bad about not having a picture that I could whip out like the rest of my friends who were ready and able to show off their little ones with the flick of the wrist at the last reunion-type event that we all attended.  Bad mama.

So now, thanks to Jen, I am a stylish mama, with a stylish wallet that holds a delightful little picture of Jaia in the little window slot and has room for all the other cards and necessities.  I’m all set…that is, as long as I don’t lose it.

January 28, 2008 - 11:47 am

Jen - I’m glad you like it!

January 28, 2008 - 1:49 pm

Kris - Ah…the old wallet switcheroo. Only slightly more fun than the purse switcheroo…but even more important to make sure you’ve emptied all the pockets!

I’m curious…which Jaia photo made the cut?? You had one or two to choose from. 😉

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