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Unsolicited Product Endorsement #62

Do me a favour – pull out your last telephone bill. What did having a land-line cost you last month? $50? Plus long distance?

One option is getting rid of that pesky land-line, and depending on only your cell phone. I did it for a while, and it’s OK. However, when cell coverage sucks in your residential area, that’s less of an option.

We received our monthly bill from Primus today for our home phone service. $26.35. It’s been $26.35 for the past 6 months. No matter how much long distance we call. And that includes our cell phone long distance too, which gets billed to our home number. And tax. It’s $23 without tax.

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It’s called Primus TalkBroadband, and it’s their VOIP service. They send you a box to put between your phone and your high speed internet connection. We’ve been happy customers for years.

There *are* tradeoffs. If you do any filesharing or downloading and like to leave it trickle in the background, your call quality goes to crap, so you have to put that on pause before you answer the phone. And if your internet connection goes down so does your phone. And most importantly, it only really makes sense if you have high speed internet through your cable company, not your phone company, because you’d need your landline for you to get your DSL internet connection. So you have to be able to totally sever your relationship with Bell or Telus for it to really save you the big money.

BUT … if you have high speed internet through cable, and you want to cut your phone bill in half, consider Primus Talkbroadband. It saves us hundreds of dollars a year. Check it out.

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