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There is no more magical time of year than Christmas. And now that I have kids, it is even more so.

I remember, as a child, the drive back to our house from my uncle’s or my grandparent’s on Christmas Eve. On the radio they would broadcast Santa sightings. I would sit there, feeling like I was going to burst with excitement knowing Santa was close. Once we got home it was a mad rush to get to bed so that I’d be asleep when Santa arrived.

Magic. Small things with big impact. The gathering of family, the anticipation throughout the month before as Christmas lights are turned on, trees are raised and halls are decked. Parties with friends, Christmas carols on the radio, cards in the mail and the hustle bustle of shopping for that perfect something for loved ones.

Now that I have little ones, it’s my turn to make the season magical for them, the way my mother made sure I had beautiful memories to look back on. Some of that comes from the anticipation of presents – they are kids after all. But in 20 years they won’t remember the Hula Jessie Doll or the truck that Santa brought them, but they may remember that when she was 4, there was a knock at the door which signalled the delivery of a little elf (Willy, by the way), sent by Santa to keep a an eye on them. They may remember the different spots that the elf ended up every morning before she got out of bed.

They may remember that this is the year she could write her own letter to Santa or that Santa sent her a personal message, straight to Mama’s email inbox. (It didn’t even matter that Santa pronounced her name wrong – though she did notice…) (Seriously, if you have not sent one of these to your littles, do it. Do it now.)



Watching her video

I absolutely adore seeing their little faces light up at all the magic that is everywhere at this time of year. It seems that small things with big impact applies for the parents too. Through their eyes, I get to remember what it feels like to be a kid again.  Could anything be better than that?

Some snow by the 25th maybe?  And if that snow could melt and be gone by the 26th, now that would be magical.

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