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I recently read that if you can do something in 5 minutes, you should do it then.  If you wait, it won’t get done.  Or it’ll just pile up with all the rest of the things that you don’t find time to do.

So this year. I am not waiting 6 months to post birthday pics.  In fact, some years I’m not sure I ever got to them.  And then when I’m feeling nostalgic and I go back into the archives, huge moments are missing.  And for me, birthdays are HUGE.  I love them and I make sure we celebrate the hell out of them.

On Monday Wesley turned 4.  I could tell you that time is passing too quickly, and that I miss my baby – all true – but mostly  I am totally and madly in love with my 4 year old boy.  He Is hilarious (truly), clever, cuddly and sweet.  His personality is huge, but his heart is even bigger.

What’s funny, is that while adults typically wish they could slow down time, Wesley has been aching to turn 4 for months. Almost daily, he would ask how long until he would be a big boy.  And to Wes, a 4 year old = a big boy.  As soon as it was reasonable, we made a countdown chain.

And then, suddenly, it was here.  And with Grandma and Grandpa in town, we celebrated in style.  As Fullertons do, Wesley started off the day with a cupcake.

And he was not at all sad about it.

Happy birthday, sweet Wes.  Let’s enjoy 4 for a little while before we start counting down to 5, ok?


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