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Down but not out.

Thankfully this summer has been sprinkled with goodness (visits from family and friends, trips out of town), because otherwise it’s been BLAH.  Yes, we bought and sold a house.  Yes, we moved.  Yes, a lot has happened.  But I still feel blah.  Just blah. 

I can’t help it.  I had been on a mad hunt to find the root cause of the blahs, but nothing seemed to make sense.  Especially with everything that has gone on in our lives since the spring.  It’s been a crazy, packed spring and summer for us.  Exciting stuff has happened.  Almost non-stop activity – to the point that we are exhausted and have barely even finished unpacking or setting up house yet.

And then this morning it hit me.  As I prepped for work (my first day back after being sick – an out-of-the-blue fever that knocked me on my ass over the weekend), I went about my usual routine, which involves checking the weather before deciding what to do with my frizz-pot hair that day.  And on the weather map, again today, just over Ottawa, flashed a small storm cloud with lightning bolts and rain coming from it.  Yup.  Rain again.  This time only a 40% chance, but this year, that means diddly. 

I haven’t done the research to back up my claims, but this summer’s rainfall HAS to be breaking some kind of record.  It has to be.  It’s ridiculous.  And I think it’s is to blame for me feeling all down in the dumps – at a time in my life when I just shouldn’t be.  But the near constant grey skies are depressing.  And I can’t seem to shrug away the blues, when the forecast is calling for…more rain.

I’ve never looked more forward to summer being over before in my life.  Bring on the beauty of fall.  That’ll shake me out of the blahs…won’t it?

August 12, 2008 - 2:18 pm

EAP - In Ottawa, for the 61 days of June and July:

1. it rained on 39 of them; and,

2. it never went more than four straight days without rain.

‘Nuff said.


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