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Summer Lovin’

The weather this weekend was not perfect.  A lot of dark clouds hung over head and rain fell at times throughout bothView full post »

Work it.

A few months back, my boss asked me if I would like to act for him while he was away.  I jumped at the chance.  3View full post »

I had never been to Florida.  I had no idea what to expect outside of oranges, gators and the 8 billion photos I’View full post »

Picture This: Joy

I did not take pictures today.  Easter Sunday.  One of the most fun mornings of the year.  When kids are hopped up onView full post »

March Break: Day Three

Another day all alone with my little lady. Coffee date: Check. Hers are WAY cuter. Visit to the Spa: Check. It was ourView full post »

March Break: Day Two.

Day two saw us down to 1 kid.  Wes went off to daycare, as he always does on Tuesday, so my gal and I got to spend someView full post »

March Break: Day One.

I don’t remember BIG plans during March break when I was in school.  I don’t really remember friends takingView full post »

Me, only older.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Calories didn’t count, I took guilt-free time to workout, and the kids were sneakingView full post »

A Letter to my 6 year old.

Dear Jaia, Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, you’ll be 6 years old.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  View full post »

Visit with the Man in Red

Wesley’s first visit (at 8 months old) left him confused. The year after, he was kinda freaked out. This yearView full post »

Winter has arrived!

I was abducted by aliens.  That’s the only explanation that makes any sense.  It’s more likely than aView full post »

That’s my girl.

The change in Jaia’s skill in the last year floors me  each time I see her take to the field (or gym).  She hasView full post »

Disappearing warmth

As the Prairies continue to dig themselves out of a giant snowfall, we are still enjoying dry roads and green grass inView full post »