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Just like her Auntie Lizzie…View full post »

Do Sundays count? (365/6)

Aren’t they a day of rest? The funny thing was that I actually had my camera on me and took some pictures that IView full post »

Giving it another go.

So, this past winter I attempted to post a photo a day…and failed miserably.  I gave up .  It was far too timeView full post »

The Bloggers Three et al

We are in Victoria, BC.  It’s my first time here and certainly as far West as I’ve ever been.  I had a fewView full post »

The real luxuries

For no other reason that because we could, Jaia and I hopped on a bus this morning and headed downtown.  I have seenView full post »

Progress report.

So, I’m officially through my first month of being a full-time mom/part-time employee.  And so far the decisionView full post »

What we've been up to lately…

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen the Bean in action.  Here are a few to keep you smiling until next timeView full post »

1001 rules for my unborn son

I have no idea how I stumbled onto this blog, but I’m glad I did.  There is no ‘about’ page or anyView full post »

Busy, busy…

With everything that I’ve been doing to cut down and simplify life, I’ve somehow  ended up to be busierView full post »

Hello, Freckles!

I’ve been waiting for you for months!  Seriously. The first sign of warmer temperatures for this kid is not theView full post »

Long weekends are my favourite

…and they are especially nice when we get to share them with family.  This time we had Dan’s aunt andView full post »

Questions for mama.

Jaia has started to ask hard questions.  Questions I’ve never thought about before and some I can’t easilyView full post »

Care and Concern

I didn’t mean to sound so ambiguous in my last post.  The news was still fresh and I wasn’t ready to talk/View full post »

Good News!

The longest winter in my memory finally came to an end today.  Spring has sprung – though it didn’t feelView full post »