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Things are looking up!

Although I won’t be wearing them anytime soon, I’m happy to say that I officially fit back into my regular,View full post »

As per your request…

Many of Jaia’s biggest fans have been after us to post more pictures. Though we’ve been slow lately, weView full post »

My non-birthday.

Tomorrow I turn 32 years old. Every other year, in the days approaching my birthday, there would be a glimmer ofView full post »


I think you need a bigger size.  Sorry. …but otherwise, good choice.  It matches your eyes.View full post »

I’m officially done.

In mere moments we are leaving the office for our Christmas party and I am shutting down my computer and switching offView full post »


Throughtout this pregnancy, numbers have taken on a whole new meaning for me.  Every tiny milestone is marked with aView full post »

Decorated Onesies…

This weekend I gathered some of my girls together to decorate onesies for Peanut. What is a onesie you ask? Well, toView full post »


This is how I feel today…only with 10% more waddle.View full post »

Checking in on the Peanut

For those of you who are interested, I just got back from the 6 month check-up and all is well.  Phewf.  Those areView full post »


When your post contains such attention-grabbing photos, readers tend to skip the written description and head straightView full post »

Cool…yet freaky.

The ultrasound today was phenomenal, but there’s something about them that I find a little freaky.  Not theView full post »

Sorry Uncle Colin.

Well, unfortunately for my camera, I am forced to stand corrected.  We confirmed this morning that we are, in fact,View full post »

Obligatory Peanut Update.

So here we are. Halfway through. 20 weeks. I can’t believe how fast and slow it went, all at the same time. I alsoView full post »

The countdown.

Having children is a major step, and one you may never be really ready for. But some people are more prepared thanView full post »

It’s official.

I’m pregnant. To clarify, its been official to Dan and I for quite some time, and to family and friends forView full post »