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Day 303 – Ten

Wesley, You are a little stinker.  For the last 10 months you made sure that we couldn’t concentrate on almostView full post »

Day 299 – First Words

I feel like it is too soon to be talking about first words but here we are. Time just flies way, way, way, way toView full post »

Day 289 – 5 Saturdays ago

One of the things lingering on my ‘meaning to do’ list has been to blog about the first time I heard my boyView full post »


My name is Shannen.  You might remember me…?  We’ve met before.  A long time ago.  We used to see eachView full post »

I forgot to mention

Forgetting things these days is my M.O.   Actually, it always has been, but the last few months have been particularlyView full post »

Day 229 – First tooth

This is one of the very last photos of my handsome dude’s toothless grin.  Mere hours later, Wes cut his firstView full post »

Day 183 – Half birthdays.

We celebrated Jaia’s in June, so why not celebrate Wes’ in November.  That’s right.  My boy isView full post »

Day 136 – 8 years

I’ve posted this one before, maybe even last year on this day, but I always enjoy a stroll down memory lane,View full post »

Day 123 – First meeting.

Last week Jaia met her teacher and saw her classroom for the first time.  I fully expected resistance.  I fullyView full post »

Day 115 – Letting go…

A few days from now Jaia will be starting school.  Junior Kindergarten.  A big step.  One she can’t wait for,View full post »

Day 95 – The tooth doctor

A few weeks ago I took Jaia to the dentist.  My dentist.  The same one that I’ve been seeing since I was littleView full post »

Day 91 – Three

Wes is three months old today.  In a short 91 days, we have learned so much from him, as he learns so much himself. HisView full post »

Day 49 – Bravery

Jaia is a brave girl.  It’s mostly new, but it has been worth the wait.  Her newest feat: the diving board.  OrView full post »

Day 47 – Firsts

Since Wes came home from the hospital, he hasn’t had a real place to sleep.  Well, he has, but he hasn’tView full post »

Day 11 – 5 years

5 years ago today I married my best friend.  The air was a little chilly for May, and the light drizzle kept us fromView full post »