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Pet Peeves

I know it might seem a bit crabby, or even a touch unfair, but I can’t help it. There are two things that I see almost on a daily basis that really bug me. Pet peeves, if you will.

The first involves those people who deliberately slow their stride to a complete stop in order to find the handicapped door opener button, step back, wait for the door to sloooooowly open and then quickly accelerate in order to gain back lost time on their journey to get to work, grab a coffee, or to get the best seat at lunchtime. Now, of course, there are obvious exceptions. An armload of stuff for instance. In certain extreme cases, one might be unable to open the door for themselves. Especially if it is of the ‘pull’ variety. But come on. You and I both know that those who abuse the handicapped entrances rarely actually *need* to use them. It’s the epitome of laziness…what’s the next step for them? A remote control for their Ipod? Talk about a time and energy saving device.

The second is just as annoying, but slightly more justified – in some cases. I work in an office building, on the fourth floor. It isn’t quite the penthouse, but it isn’t on the main level either. In most cases, I choose to take the stairs. I mean why not? It’s kind of like sneaking mini workouts into my day. But other times, especially if the elevator door is sitting there, open, waiting for me, I’ll hop in and catch the free ride. Each time I do this, without fail, I find myself on the elevator with at least one person that has hit the button for floor 2. The main lobby is floor 1. There are exactly 12 stairs to get to floor 2, but these folks will wait forever for the elevator to arrive to take them to their destination instead of walking up 12 stairs and saving themselves oodles of time. The justification, as I am aware, is that some might have knee, joint, muscle, tendon etc. pain that keeps them from using the stairs. Understandable. I myself suffer from knee pain and, depending on the height of the heels I’ve chosen to wear that day, I often find going down stairs quite excruciating. But I can’t help but wonder what the majority are thinking as they are standing there, staring at the lights/numbers above the doors, twiddling their thumbs, waiting a full 3-4 minutes for the elevator to arrive. Do you think they are thinking that they should have taken the stairs? Probably. Will they take them next time? No.

Oh…and don’t even get me started on the people who won’t stand back and patiently wait for those getting off the elevator to exit before pushing their way on. Perhaps they wouldn’t be so impatient if they hadn’t been standing there for what seemed like an hour and had chosen to take the stairs in the first place.

Beige is the new pink

So I figured that it was time for an update. A painting update, that is. Dan poked obvious fun at me a few posts back, claiming that we were painting beige over beige. To his credit, we were. We were painting a beautiful shade of olive-beige over a horrid shade of pink-beige. And I’m happy to report that the coverage was flawless. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

I guess a bit of history is necessary at this point. Though we are not responsible for the horrid pink-beige, we are to blame for taking 2.5 years to do something about it. The previous owners of our house had awful taste in paint colour. To go along with the pink, they chose a dark dusty blue, which on it’s own would have been lovely. But together, they make our house look like a nursery, as you can see. (They also painted one of the bedrooms purple and neon lime green. Bizarre.)

So since we were turning our house upside down to paint the pink away, we decided to paint over the tired blue as well. It’s progressing along as fast as possible, but we’ve already given up two full weekends and 4 week nights to the dreaded task. We’ve taken the past few days off in preparation for the worst part: the staircases. Both are two stories high and have no solid area to stand on. Dan decided that he would craft some sort of apparatus that will hold his weight and allow him to reach the highest areas. I’m not as confident. In fact, I’m a bit nervous. But I trust him, so we’ll see.

Wish us (or should I say Dan – there’s no way I’ll be standing on that thing) luck! And stay tuned for an update. Our estimated date of completion is February 23rd. 😐

February 17, 2006 - 9:03 am

Kristin. - We tackled our two-story stairway by painting it with one of those extension poles, leaning over the railing that runs along the upstairs hallway. Any chance that technique would work for you?

Damn…you’re making me feel bad. Time to start painting again too…

February 17, 2006 - 9:19 am

shannen - Unfortunately, we aren’t very skillful painters, so using that method would ensure we’d paint a large portion of the ceiling as well. The apparatus should alllow us to tape along the ceiling and avoid further work down the line…I think.

The sweet smell of certainty

Most know I’ve been awaiting word on my employment situation. I found out on Valentine’s Day that my employer would like to keep me around for a while.

It’s nice to be wanted, but a layoff wouldn’t have been that bad either. It would have closed the first chapter of my career on a good note, and opened a world of possibilities for us. So I’m pleased, but in a bitter-sweet way. Most of all I’m just relieved that I know. The un-knowing was starting to get to me …

Thus ends my “do as little as possible until they tell me what’s going on” period. I’m back to full effort as of … …


February 16, 2006 - 11:02 am

Kristin. - Bittersweet or not…congratulations! I’m glad you guys will (hopefully) be sticking around for awhile!