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Strike one off the ol’ bucket list

Have you heard the story about a man who, as he was about to mark a milestone birthday and turn 60, set out on his horseView full post »

Jaia’s Fifth birthday

Yes, you read that right.  Months ago, I promised a proper post for Jaia’s birthday.  And, like more things thanView full post »

To my birthday boy (only a couple of months late :)

Sweet Wesley, As I finally type this out, it actually hurts.  Putting down the words that you are already two years oldView full post »

Just super.

For his birthday gift, a cape and mask.  And one for his sister, too.  Hours of imaginative play and many, many, manyView full post »

Busy bees

So, between a lot of this: And this: we have been busy, busy bees.  We are finally at a point after 5 days where theView full post »


Taking this opportunity, on your birthday, to remind you of just how awesome we think you are.  Thank you for being myView full post »


Tomorrow is my birthday.  My 29th (but really 37th) birthday.  And at less than a week after the real New Year, I tendView full post »

Super Fun Happy.

My uber talented sister (in-law) made Jaia’s birthday cake. And by cake I mean a six layer, rainbow beauty thatView full post »

Birthday girl

Five years ago, almost exactly to the minute, my life changed for the better. Happy birthday, my sweet Jaia.View full post »

four point five

Celebrating a half birthday is not everyone’s bag, but it is ours.  In fact, minus the party and the presents,View full post »

Celebrate – The day!

You saw all the fun details a few days ago, but they were seriously only a wee slice of the fun we had the day of theView full post »

Celebrate – The details.

We had a birthday party for Wes a few weeks ago.  It was a riot.  I thought loooong anf hard about the theme of theView full post »

Day 365 – One

Dear Wesley, I don’t know where to start.  I have so much to say and yet I feel like I can’t find the rightView full post »

Day 364 – The Eve

My boy turns 1 year old tomorrow.  It’s crazy to think just how fast this year has passed, but here we are. OneView full post »


Today is Dan’s birthday.  It’s a big one.  And, hopefully, a good one. He deserves it. A super heroView full post »