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We are watching Charlotte’s Web and it turns out that animated spiders make my skin crawl as much as real ones doView full post »

Hate junk mail?

I never liked people knocking at my door trying to sell me stuff, but the dislike has become more acute now that a knockView full post »

Can you hold cheese inside an RRSP?

Subsidized ethanol increases demand for corn, which is also used to feed dairy cows, which make cheese. Funny thingsView full post »

In the news …

Americans on average visit quick service restaurants 17 times a month. An annual survey ranks the top 10 cities in theView full post »


Found: 1 watch. Location: under bed. Circumstances: claw clipping-related Julius extraction. Ransom: $7.97 (View full post »

I miss blogging.

I realize that I post something new everyday (or nearly everyday), but I rarely find enough free minutes in a row toView full post »

I have a problem.

I lose socks.  With every load of laundry, at least a few socks come out clean, but without a match.  I’ve beenView full post »

Gotta love google

Google Patents allows you to search the US patent database … millions upon millions of useful and uselessView full post »

Is this lazy or genius?

I can’t decide … Peanut Butter SlicesView full post »

Peace on Earth …

… good will to men. Did someone forget to tell these people?!? Map showing current wars on Earth Ethiopia andView full post »

WEIRD Ottawa weather.

Ok, so I’m still in disbelief that we are going to have a green Christmas.  I think it sucks.  I don’tView full post »

Fake Dan

As I was deleting all of my email messages from my work account (you can’t imagine a better feeling), I came uponView full post »

Happy? You will be.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy It’s better than bad, it’s good Our country reeks of treesView full post »

Cracked pots.

Augusto Pinochet died over the weekend. I don’t know much about his time in power beyond what wikipedia tells me.View full post »

Poo this, poo that

I mentioned the Poo Sisters in my comment on Liz and Mark’s engagement announcement … the photo below tellsView full post »