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What a difference a year makes…

First day of Junior Kindergarten: First day of Senior Kindergarten:  View full post »

Beautiful girl…

I left you hanging.  Sorry ’bout that. Labour and delivery took longer and was harder than we all expected.  View full post »

Woo to the Hoo!!

I’m about to be an aunt again!  Eeek!! Gotta run!  The baby’s official photographer has been called intoView full post »


So, I’m embarrassed about my iPod.  Dan, a true music lover, is even more embarrassed about it than I am.  I&#View full post »

Halfway there…

So many of you have sent messages of encouragement and offers to support us with positive thoughts sent our way as weView full post »

Help us Ride the Rideau

Dan mentioned this a few weeks ( months?) ago, but we signed up for a 100 km bike ride from Ottawa to Merrickville. I&#View full post »

Bucket List

We all have one.  We may not call it that – I’ve only recently started as it meant the same but was farView full post »

four point five

Celebrating a half birthday is not everyone’s bag, but it is ours.  In fact, minus the party and the presents,View full post »

Canada Day

10:30 am and they already need a nap. Imagine how the parents feel?View full post »


On the day AFTER Father’s Day (because that’s how I roll) I wanted to say thank you.  An enormous, giant,View full post »

A rite of passage

Another milestone reached.  She’s officially a real kid.  Inducted into the exclusive club.  LifetimeView full post »

Wear sunscreen.

20-30 years ago people thought differently about a lot of things. Smoking wasn’t frowned upon.  In fact, it wasView full post »

So close…..

I’ve actually dreamed of having pool since I was a little kid. This, my friends, is pretty awesome. I can’tView full post »

Help Support Cancer Research

Fresh off of Shannen’s 10K performance, we’ve set another goal – Ride the Rideau – a 100km bikeView full post »