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We all have one.  We may not call it that – I’ve only recently started as it meant the same but was far easier to say than “101 things to do before I die”.  Rolls off the tongue a little better too – but we have a list of things that we want to accomplish in our lifetime.

The cool thing about them is that each item exists for a reason.  It may be something that you’d like to work up to, like running a marathon, and it could also be something you just want to see in person, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Neither of these are on my list, by the way, but they adequately describe my point.  And they’d both be cool to do.

A few years ago I scratched an important item off my list.  It was a seemingly silly thing to want to do in your life before you die, but to me, it meant a lot.  It was personal.  It reminded me of my Pappy and it became something that I knew I had to do.  And I was thrilled to do.

Last night I crossed another item off my bucket list.  Also seemingly silly, I felt like a kid at Christmas as it unfolded in front my eyes.

After almost 20 years of waiting, I finally saw Soundgarden perform live.  In 1992, I was a huge fan of the band and a group of my friends went to Lollapalooza to see an amazing line-up, and for whatever reason, I could not go.  And they raved about it.  And I sulked.   So I decided I would see them if they came back.  I had to.

And then they broke up.

Fast forward a lot of years and I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Soundgarden super fan like I was back then.  I enjoy listening to a few of my favourites now and then, but they aren’t my go-to band anymore.  But there’s something about them and the music, and the songs that bring me right back to 1990-92.  To thoughts of friends I have not seen in far too long and to some of my most favourite memories.

So when they announced that Soundgarden was coming to town, reunited after 14 years, I jumped at the chance.  Made an evening of it with my brother and an old and dear friend.

As the lights came on and the band walked out on stage, the crowd roared.  So many others, like me, were there to stir up some of those old but not forgotten memories.  And thanks to my brother and Dave, we made some hilarious new ones in the process.

Item 27 on the bucket list officially crossed off.  Thank you, Chris Cornell et al.  It was worth the wait.

Great big thanks go to my brother who, in his 6’3″ glory, was able to snap these pictures for me.  My 5’6″ frame only caught the back of people’s heads.  Being short + general admission = terrible view.  Sean, your shots were great and will be treasured.  You are awesome.


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