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Day 166 – Costume construction

For Jaia, Halloween lasts three days long and we are in mad costume prep to get ready.  It begins with some trick orView full post »

Day 152 – Five.

I had grand plans to post this yesterday.  And then I fell asleep.  I’m exhausted.  My 5 month old is stillView full post »

Day 146 – Small kids, big lessons.

Today was the Terry Fox Run at Jaia’s school.  Everyone went out at 1:00 pm to walk/run to raise money for theView full post »

Day 140 – First 2 weeks…

I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous.  So nervous about Jaia starting school.  I had nightmare after nightmare onView full post »

Day 131 – 1001

My counter rolled to 1001 today.  1001 posts on  Quite the milestone, I’d say.  Well, for me itView full post »

Day 127 – Yes!!!

We conditionally sold our house in 6 days and had to wait over a week for the conditions to be met.  On Thursday, theyView full post »

Day 123 – First meeting.

Last week Jaia met her teacher and saw her classroom for the first time.  I fully expected resistance.  I fullyView full post »

Day 98 – Somersaults!

Jaia has finally mastered the unassisted somersault.  Much to my surprise, as we were sitting there the other day, JaiaView full post »

Long overdue – Our trip out west

The day Wes turned one month old, Dan’s youngest sister, Annissa, graduated from high school.  In Kipling,View full post »

Day 48 – 3.5

Today is a special day.  I mostly think people are crazy when they talk about half-birthdays, except when it comes toView full post »

The Big Sis

The party was awesome.  And Jaia was the princess.  And anytime she can be the princess, she is one HAPPY little ladyView full post »

Big Sister Party

Soon enough Jaia will become a big sister.  A real big sister.  She’s been talking about it for months and it isView full post »

The Bean and Ballet

Both Jaia and I have been looking forward to her starting ballet class for months.  We bought her slippers and tightsView full post »

oh my…

This morning at 9:30 am I dropped my baby off at her first preschool class.  She was brave as can be until I opened theView full post »