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Home Projects

The amount of unfinished projects around this house  is unreal.  Dan and I are famous for starting something and then leaving it to start something else.

This weekend was no exception.  We decided that Wes should have his own bed.  Just like his sitter before him, his first non-crib bed was a double mattress on the floor.  It made the most sense to us since it was the lowest profile and if he were to roll out, he’d barely feel it since he was already so close to the floor.  But at 3.5, a bed of his own became the priority.  We did what any modern parents would do and we hopped in the car and headed to Ikea.  But we weren’t impressed with the selection.  A cool kid needs a cool bed.

Frustrated we left empty handed.  And by empty handed, I mean with a lamp because it is almost against the laws of nature to leave Ikea without making a purchase.

On the way home, I remembered a site my friend Katie told me about.  Have you heard of Ana White?  She’s a stay-at-home mama who builds furniture (tons of furniture) and posts all the step by step plans online for FREE.  If you haven’t ever checked it out, do.  Now.  Trust me.

Ana’s plans include all the materials you’ll need, the cost you can expect, the cut list and very detailed pictures.

We chose the Camp Loft Bed because we somehow jumped from having his bed as close to the floor as possible to having his bed as close to the ceiling as possible.  We are potentially no in right minds.  But then you knew that.

We found the plans Saturday evening and by Sunday evening Dan got to work.  a few hours later (split up by a flu day in the office) Dan finished his project.  The kids were nonchalant about the whole thing.

Or not.

Here it is.  THE bed.  In need of some TLC (a.k.a. sanding and a paint job).

Today, after pre-school, Wes insisted that he and I hang out in his room and have his snack on the platform.

Seriously.  If you want your kids to go to bed earlier, stay in bed longer and want to play in their rooms for hours at a time, this is the project for you.  I mean, hell, I think I want one, too.  Dan did an awesome job.  Wes agrees.

Waiting impatiently

We are on day 4 or 5 of a deep freeze.  It is almost the end of January and still weeks away from any kind of real relief.  My three year old, while putting on his coat on the way to his sister’s evening soccer practice told me he missed summer.  And why wouldn’t he?  Everything kids love about winter – snow forts, snowmen, snowballs, skating, skiing, sledding – has been out of their reach for weeks!  Being outside is unbearable when your exposed skin begins to freeze within minutes.  This polar vortex can kiss it.

We are all done.  Done with cold.  I hate to be complainy Janie, but this is just too much.

I keep dreaming of spring.  Fresh air.  Renewal.  Freedom from layers.  Shoes outside.  Warmth.  Green grass.  Birdsongs.  Buds on trees.  Flowers.  Runs outside.  Sunshine past 5:30.

Canadians are tough.  Surviving winter year after year proves it.  And we’ll survive this one too – even though we are on course to be enduring the coldest one in 20 years.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  A warm, t-shirt and flip flop wearing light.  Only 56 days to go!



Great Expectations

I read that this morning at 8am, Ottawa clocked its 78th hour in a row with temperatures below -38 degrees Celsius.  A new record.  For 77 hours and 52 minutes of those hours, we were stuck inside…hiding away.  I’m kind of a wimp.

Today, as the mercury started to rise (at last glance at dinner time it was close to -16 which is a HUGE improvement) I had BIG plans.  This morning (super husband) Dan took the kids out for groceries and then to a movie.  I wanted to get caught up on cleaning and then head to the gym.  Perhaps organize a closet or two.  Definitely do the laundry.

Instead, I came down with a stomach bug and didn’t leave the house yet again.  3-4 days of breathing recycled air.  No vitamin D.  No human contact outside my family (though I do admit, they are my favourites).  I have an extreme case of cabin fever.

The temperature is supposed to rise overnight with a high of -1 (!!!) expected tomorrow.  The timing couldn’t be better.  We will be celebrating my birthday a day early.  With plans to go snowshoeing and spend a good chunk of the day outdoors drenching ourselves in fresh air and sunshine, I’m hoping that my belly takes a turn for the better as I turn in early on a day that had me horizontal for most of my waking hours.

How do you plan to spend your last days of holidays?  My advice?  Eat cake.  I will be.


January 6, 2014 - 2:17 pm

Mrs D - Hope you are feeling better and that your tummy allowed you to celebrate your birthday with an early morning cupcake!!