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Part of the problem of having a camera on you ALL. THE. TIME. is the infinite amount of pictures that I take on a daily basis.  And with so many pictures comes the obvious side effect of forgetting about all the awesome moments that I am able to capture.  Some are blog-worthy and yet they get left behind.  Like this one…

When you come into my house from the garage, which is how I enter 99% of the time, you pass through the laundry room.  It’s a long, skinny room and not one that you’d hang out in often or for any length of time.  In our laundry room, like in most laundry rooms, we house our share of dirty laundry.  And not that it’s on display for all to see, it’s there.

The last time my parents were in town, my mom happened to be walking through and she glanced towards the back where you might find the hamper.

She screamed.  The last thing she had expected to see were two eyes staring back at her.  Thankfully, rather than a real rodent, it was Jaia’s little rat stuffie, Ratatouille.  How he got in there, I have no idea, but I spent the better part of that day recalling my mom’s face and chuckling to myself.

Although not on purpose, it couldn’t have been better executed.

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