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Breaking news (to me anyway)…

While Dan was picking up his weekly Proline tickets at the local convenience store, I found myself bored and standing inView full post »


It’s much too early in the season for this: Oh wait.  We are leaving town for fun in the Las Vegas sun (and theView full post »


Why is that that smokers don’t feel that dropping their cigarette butts on the ground or flicking them out theView full post »

Dove…They get me everytime.

Check out this 1 minute film on the ‘evolution of beauty’ as seen by the people at Dove.  Makes you thinkView full post »


This is how I feel today…only with 10% more waddle.View full post »

It’s only Tuesday

Why does the week before a long weekend feel like it’s three times longer than a normal week?  Or maybe it’View full post »

We’ve made a terrible mistake

Disclaimer: If you haven’t ever watched Arrested Development, stop reading this, and go out and buy all threeView full post »

GPSing…your kid?

It’s the new and improved leash.  For parents who once found it necessary to literally attach their kid to theirView full post »

Washroom revolt.

After piling ourselves and Humphrey into the car, we set off at 4pm on Friday for a good 9-10 hour drive to Virginia. WeView full post »

Pop goes your house.

I We have no money to invest right now, with a new house and baby on the way. But I’m still following a few selectView full post »

Weekend goodness.

We arrived home from work on Thursday to the best surprise ever. GRASS! Sure, it seems small, but living here for theView full post »

I’m embarassed for myself

You know how sometimes you see a commercial for a new show, and you think to yourself “wow, television has sunk toView full post »

Missing boys found in … Kipling

Zachary Miller, the 10-year old boy kidnapped by known pedophile Peter Whitmore, has been found in Kipling. As of thisView full post »

American beer = not crap

For pretty much my whole life, I’ve been lead to believe that all beer made in Canada is strong, delicious, andView full post »

Hump day

What a week.  It already feels too long and has been snagged with excessive heat, exploding computer programs,View full post »