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Wesley copies everything Jaia does.  Everything.  So, she takes advantage and teaches him things she shouldn’t.View full post »

DIY: Personalized Stools

Easiest. Project. Ever. Kids love when things are their very own.  At least mine do, anyway.  So it gave me the ideaView full post »

A corn dog by any other name

We try to make healthy choices when it comes to what the kids eat.  We choose whole grains.  We avoid trans fats andView full post »


I don’t remember who my first sleepover was.  My mom probably does, and I can guess that it was my friend ReneeView full post »


Sometimes the day holds no other plans.  Sometimes the kids are eager to get out.  Sometimes the weather isView full post »

Sweet sounds…

My kids have mastered bickering.  And tattling.  And complaining about either not sharing.  Some days it’s fromView full post »

Far and Away…

While Dan worked fingers to the bone at home, the kids and I took a trip to visit Nana and Papoo.  It had nothing to doView full post »

Note to self…

Ice cream an hour before bed is a TERRIBLE idea.View full post »


Jaia had a doctor’s appointment today. With two kids on different schedules, you visit the doctor fairly often.  View full post »

Vitamin D

When the sun shines, we eat it up.  Especially on a warm(ish) day.  Vitamin D really does the body good. Pass it on. &View full post »

Snow Day

Last week it snowed.  It was like magic as we pulled into the parking lot of the ski hill where we’d booked aView full post »

Upping the Cool Quotient.

Parents are rarely cool.  As much as you set out to be cooler than you parents were, you ended up making rules and setView full post »

Bits & Pieces: Making Me Smile Edition

The weekend was amazing. Seriously amazing. It was long, warm, sunny and very chill. We had a few plans, some played outView full post »

Strict rules = Lovebugs

We got a note a few weeks ago asking parents NOT to send any kid of treats for Valentine’s Day.  I understand,View full post »