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A corn dog by any other name

We try to make healthy choices when it comes to what the kids eat.  We choose whole grains.  We avoid trans fats and MSG and excess sugar and most things deep fried.  We introduce variety so they can expand their palates.  But we’re not perfect.  We’re human.  And we enjoy treating ourselves now and then.

When we go out to eat as a family, we typically make choices about restaurants based on how kid friendly they are.  And that has nothing to do with the menu, we can make anything work, but we like to go to restaurants that actually want our kids to walk in the door rather than roll their eyes as they see us with 2 little people walking in.  Most chains are awesome.  They offer colouring pages, crayons and kids menus.  Some even have toys.  The food, though, is mostly just meh.  For all of us.  But because they handle kids well, that’s where we go.

So when Dan and I were coming back into town after our mini ski vacay last month and were heading through Westboro exactly at lunch time, we crossed our fingers and braced ourselves for a selection of mostly non-kid friendly establishments.  You see, this area is super trendy.  The main street is lined with adorable little unique restaurants, pubs and coffee shops, and a giant MEC and Lululemon, of course.  But there are few chains.

With very little prior knowledge of most of the establishments, we threw our hands up and picked a place on the block we happened to have parked on.

Enter Churchill’s.  It looked fairly new.  It was obviously a pub, maybe even a swanky pub, but we figured they’d have at least a basic lunch menu for us.  And then, as we walked in, eyes were not rolled.  Streamers and balloons did not fall from the ceiling, but we didn’t feel as though we were interrupting the adult convention.

Upon being seated, we found that the menu even had a kid’s section on the menu.  And then, when we asked if we could borrow a pen to let Wes draw on a newspaper to keep him busy…they pulled out colouring books, crayons and markers.  We were shocked but happy.  The kids went about colouring and barely fought over the pencil case.  We were relaxed.

The food was AMAZING.  Yes, it was just a burger (both Dan and I ordered one), but it was SO GOOD.  Fresh, juicy, delicious.  I had a 1664 Blanche, which quickly became the yummiest beer I’ve ever had.

The kids opted for a childhood favourite of mine: Pogos.  They’d never tasted them before, but is there anything better than a hot dog on a stick covered in cornbread?  Don’t answer that.  They loved them.

I typically don’t do restaurant reviews here, and that’s mostly because we never end up anywhere reviewable.  But when food quality meets amazingly friendly and welcoming service meets kid friendly, I begin to gush.  And gush I have.  To anyone who will listen.  I love rewarding good service and experiences with word of mouth love, and Churchill’s deserved that in spades.

If you find yourself in Westboro, with or without your kids in tow, check it out.  I will be going back.  The 1664 Blanche is calling my name.

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