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Big. Girl. Bed.

The next two weeks are going to bring changes about for Jaia (and all of us).  Big changes.  We are moving.  I can&#View full post »

Blonde ambition

By looking at her parents, you know there’s just no way this kid has a chance of staying blonde. But for right nowView full post »

Super dad.

Dan is super dad. Seriously. Cape and all. Jaia and I (especially Jaia) are so lucky. For Father’s Day we boughtView full post »

Making the best of rainy days…

It’s been ugly here lately. We barely get out from under one cloud when another rushes in. We’ve definitelyView full post »


Jaia is turning into a real chatterbox.  She talks all the time, but only by her perogative.  Never, ever on commandView full post »

Tulips and Dandelions

Yesterday was my second Mother’s Day.  It still strikes me as so odd that I’m the mama now and not just theView full post »

Back to Blogging

A lot of my friends who blog (ok, there are only 4 or 5 of them) seem to have slowed down their updates lately.  ItView full post »

Baby Steps.

Being born in the middle of winter, in Canada, has its challenges. One of them involves turning one, learning to walk,View full post »

Easter Pretty

Jaia and I had our Easter dinner last night with some friends and family.  It was low-key and absolutely delicious. View full post »

Mad About Jaia

Jaia has had a busy couple of months.  So have her parents.  We had a run of family visits starting in late JanuaryView full post »

Fruit for eyes?

She wasn’t fooled for a second…View full post »

She likes books.

From very early on, I have tried to make books a huge part of Jaia’s life.  Both Dan and I love to read (though IView full post »

Scared to death.

First, all is well and Jaia is OK.  Now the story.  Life as I knew it was suddenly and horribly turned on its headView full post »