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Day 66 – Four

Here we are.  A family of four.  A perfect number, if you ask me.View full post »

Day 52 – Does it get any better than this?

At first even the mere suggestion seemed crazy.  It sounded like a brilliant idea, but would likely be impossible.  View full post »

Day 42 – The Matriarch

Meet Dan’s Grandmother and Jaia and Wesley’s great-grandmother. I first met this amazing lady in 2003 on myView full post »

Day 39 – Beautiful girl

Dan’s cousin, K.  She’s one of the sweetest, most caring, gentle twelve year-olds I’ve ever known. KView full post »

Day 34 – Snuggles with Auntie

Auntie Jenny couldn’t get enough of Wes.  And vice versa.View full post »

Day 31 – Pride

Jaia’s Auntie Nissa graduated from high school today.  Jaia was so proud of her.  We all were.  CongratulationsView full post »

The Fair

A Carnival set up in the shopping center parking lot near us this week, and Jaia was fascinated by the ferris wheel.  View full post »

Holiday Fun

We had a wonderful holiday filled with visits and fun. Here are a couple gems from the last 2 weeks.View full post »

Christmas Day

Wow.  Santa is one generous guy.  Jaia made out with a ton of loot.  A literal ton.  But she’s been havingView full post »

Apple Picking 2009

Halfway into our apple picking session, Dan mentions that he thinks that we may have had a good season this year.  TheView full post »

My brother is married.

It was a whirlwind.   And it was a amazing.  And like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My brother, the groom,View full post »

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!

Though if Jaia were to be saying it it would be ‘Pandas and tigers and zebras, Oh my!’  Those are herView full post »