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A delicious lunch of mud pie.View full post »

SO helpful

Wesley decided to help me empty the dishwasher this morning. Jaia’s Barbie was clearly not impressed.View full post »

Crafty McCrafterson

A stroll through Staples the other day gave me a fantastic idea.  I happened upon magnet paper.  Did you know magnetView full post »


Mr. Independent showed up for lunch today.View full post »


The kids and I head to the park every sunny day. Last week we were there every day. This weekend and since… Nada.View full post »

Day 356 – Weekend re-do.

I have been complaining for MONTHS about the weather.  Winter was long and crappy and I’m ready for sunshine andView full post »

Day 336 – Swingers

This was Wes’ first time in a swing.  We stopped in a tiny park on the way home from school and took advantage ofView full post »

Excuse the mess …

… we’re moving web hosts! Things will settle out in the next few days.  I always need to re-learn thisView full post »

Day 294 – Brief pause

Jaia paused momentarily to pose for a picture today, a rare feat. Hello, Kitty.View full post »

Day 293 – Teething much?

Nice rosy cheeks, Little Man.View full post »

Day 292 – Tuesday morning

How my day is going so far….View full post »


My name is Shannen.  You might remember me…?  We’ve met before.  A long time ago.  We used to see eachView full post »

Day 263 – Skate Date

On Saturday, the four Fullertons headed out to the local rink and did some skating. Ok, Wes didn’t skate.  He satView full post »