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This kid.

Jaia wouldn’t have known mischief if it walked up and bit her at 2 or 3.  Even now.  But Wes, well, Wes is a true kid.  Michief maker, extraordinaire.  Take last night.  I left a tub of cream unattended while I answered the door.  While having a quick chat with a friend, it got silent in the living room.  As a mom you know silence means TROUBLE.

You can’t tell from the picture, but the cream was up to his elbows.

He’s lucky he’s cute.  And that he calls me his best friend.  That helps.

I know I’m not alone.  I saw a picture someone posted of their daughter who had coloured ALL OVER her kitchen with a black Sharpie.  It happens.  Hopefully not in my kitchen, but it happens.

I came across this the other day and fell in love.  A group of photographers have started documenting their life with kids.  It pulled at the heartstrings for me when I saw the pictures because it reminded me of my own house, so full of life and noise at this very moment in time.  We sometimes wish away the mess and chaos, but one day, maybe not too far from today, I’ll look back and miss it.

And now that we are getting all mushy, if you haven’t watched this one…you have to.  If you don’t cry just a little, you are a robot.


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