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Morning hands

Jaia is funny.  Really funny.  Sometimes intentional, telling us a ‘joke’ that she’s made up.  We’ll laugh and she’ll laugh and then proceed to tell the joke 17 more times because she likes making us laugh.  It’s never as funny on the 17th time, but her enjoyment urges us to keep playing along.

But sometimes her humour is not intentional.  She’ll say something that just seems to make sense to her, and I find myself smiling at how adorable and innocent she is.

The one that got me just yesterday was a new expression she’s come up with: morning hands.  It’s not something I’ve heard before, but she’s right on the money.  She used it because her hands hadn’t woken up enough when she was getting dressed and needed help with her buttons.  I had to laugh because I’ve had this happen to me.  Not only with buttons or zippers, but even as I type this with my morning hands, my fingers aren’t doing exactly as I asked them to.

Smart kid.  Cute kid.

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