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Friday Goodness – The revival

I’ve been barely blogging.  Free time is sparse lately and blogging has definitely taken a backseat.    But I don’t feel too bad about it.  As it goes, there are only so many hours in the day and if my blog seems like a ghost town, it probably means I’ve been spending more time playing with my kids.  A worthy sacrifice, no?  Just ask them.  😉

But it’s Friday and lately I’ve been all about celebrating weekends.  As with all of us, the load just seems a little lighter on Fridays.  And this Friday I feel like talking about some things that are making me smile.

1.  Fall colours – I love fall.  I’m aware that the deep rads, oranges and yellows are brief and signal the nearing of bare trees, white snow and freezing temperatures, but I still look forward to them.    Every. Single. Year.

And thankfully, fall colours often bring about inquiries for photos in fall colours.  A fun photoshoot booked for this weekend is definitely making me smile.

2.  Accidental beauty – There’s nothing more pleasing to me than taking *that* photo.  The photo you weren’t expecting.  The one that as you go through the photos from a session almost takes your breath away. I’m especially fond when that photo is of one of my kids (or both, if I’m lucky).

After a photoshoot with my kids that produced some decent, some nice and even some great shots, I ended the shoot with this one.  Just try not to smile.

3.  Weekends – Speaking of celebrating weekends, Dan and I have come up with an idea.  3 weekends a month we plan something fun.  There is almost always a festival, exhibit or gathering scheduled around town.  And on weekends that there isn’t something going on, there are museums to visit.  Did you know a family season’s pass to the Museum of Civilization is $99?  Visit 3 times and it is paid for.  If you have kids and haven’t gone, you, and they, are missing out.  Hit it up.  Seriously.

On that 4th weekend, we make NO plans.  No visits, no outings – NADA.  We stay in  and enjoy each other (particularly awesome as the weather gets cooler).  We make cookies, we built forts, we craft, we watch movies.  And truly, those are my favourite weekends of all.

4.  SAN DIEGO!  Ok, seriously.  I could not be more excited.  Dan and I are going to San Diego and I’ve been counting sleeps for months.  I’ve always wanted to go and keep teasing that we will send for the kids and move there – and that’s before I’ve even stepped foot off the plane.  Imagine what happens when I get there and fall in love with the real thing.  I hope you will come for a visit?

5.  Old friends – I recently found my childhood best friend.  And not through Facebook.  I know, shocking.  I thought I found her, sent an email and crossed my fingers.  Within a few hours, I got a reply.  It was her, and like I had, she’d been looking for me for quite some time, too.

We weren’t just BFFs.  We wee inseparable.  We shared the same birthday.  We were in the same class, lived relatively close and spent every available moment together.  And that was before grade 2 when I moved away.  We tried to stay in touch.  She even made the trip to Ottawa and I to her house a few times.

But time and distance took over and we lost touch.  I never stopped thinking about her.  So having talked to her makes my heart happy.  We have yet to see each other even though we now, after all these years, live close again.  But I’m so looking forward to it.

What is making you happy this Friday?

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