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March Break: Day One.

I don’t remember BIG plans during March break when I was in school.  I don’t really remember friends takingView full post »

Big and Little.

Today was awesome.  Having a little boy who loves super heroes, fire trucks, pirates and all things boy was made soView full post »


Did you notice the little change in the look of  I think we needed a little freshen up for 2013.  It&#View full post »

Me, only older.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Calories didn’t count, I took guilt-free time to workout, and the kids were sneakingView full post »

Visit with the Man in Red

Wesley’s first visit (at 8 months old) left him confused. The year after, he was kinda freaked out. This yearView full post »

Winter has arrived!

I was abducted by aliens.  That’s the only explanation that makes any sense.  It’s more likely than aView full post »

He slays me.

Does it get any cuter…?View full post »

Disappearing warmth

As the Prairies continue to dig themselves out of a giant snowfall, we are still enjoying dry roads and green grass inView full post »


Yesterday I started a post about how we thought it was time to transition out of afternoon naps. I talked about how WesView full post »

The other day Jaia pulled out our copy of ‘The Giving Tree’ (Thanks, Auntie Shirley) and read it to me fromView full post »

That hair.  That gorgeous, thick, blond hair.  It’s growing out of control.  He has wings and it falls into hisView full post »

Two amigos

This week, with big sister away all day, Wesley and I have been like the two amigos. So far, it’s been fun.  ButView full post »