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Day 10 – First of many planned photoshoots

Stay tuned.  In the next couple of days I will post photos from today’s impromptu photoshoot and others I haveView full post »


A few days after Wes was born but before we were released from the hospital, his bilirubin numbers started to climb.  View full post »

Day 7 – Bath time

I can’t tell if he likes it  or not.  Thoughts?View full post »

Day 6 – Another day, another nap

Wherein Wes steals a nap on daddy’s belly.View full post »

Day 5 – Still asleep

There’s been a lot of this going on in the fullerton household the last couple of days.  Too bad very little isView full post »

The Big Sis

The party was awesome.  And Jaia was the princess.  And anytime she can be the princess, she is one HAPPY little ladyView full post »