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The Fair

A Carnival set up in the shopping center parking lot near us this week, and Jaia was fascinated by the ferris wheel.  View full post »

4 years ago…

4 years ago  I had breakfast with my mom and my girls. 4 years ago I got my hair and make up done. 4 years ago IView full post »

Questions for mama.

Jaia has started to ask hard questions.  Questions I’ve never thought about before and some I can’t easilyView full post »

Jaia is growing up.

I remember the first time I felt it.  Jaia was 3 months old and we put her in the Jolly Jumper for the first time. View full post »


If you’ve spent any amount of time with Jaia over the last little while you know what a chatterbox she’sView full post »

Who would have thunk it?

Last night Dan had a work event to attend and so Auntie Lizzie and I were the only adults home for the evening.  JaiaView full post »

Diaper-free Sunday

We started ‘potty training’ Jaia a looooooong time ago.  I highlight the words potty training here becauseView full post »

Before we forget – August 29th

A few of our friends and family members have keen, keen eyes.  I posted pictures yesteray of Jaia with food smeared allView full post »

Dream a little dream.

I dream.  Not everyone does, or at least they claim not to because they don’t remember the dreams they had by theView full post »


Jaia is turning into a real chatterbox.  She talks all the time, but only by her perogative.  Never, ever on commandView full post »

3 years!

Shannen and I were married on a rainy Sunday exactly 1096 days ago.  It feels both longer and shorter than that, forView full post »

She likes books.

From very early on, I have tried to make books a huge part of Jaia’s life.  Both Dan and I love to read (though IView full post »