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September 27.

There are not many things I’ve done in my life consistently for 10 years.  I’ve certainly not lived in theView full post »

First Day of School 2012

So it came.  I talked about my anxiety and my excitement about today here and here.  Grade One and the first day ofView full post »

Grade One

Please allow me just one more (ok, 2 more) posts about our transition into grade one.  This is huge for me, People.  View full post »

The other day Jaia pulled out our copy of ‘The Giving Tree’ (Thanks, Auntie Shirley) and read it to me fromView full post »

That hair.  That gorgeous, thick, blond hair.  It’s growing out of control.  He has wings and it falls into hisView full post »

To my birthday boy (only a couple of months late :)

Sweet Wesley, As I finally type this out, it actually hurts.  Putting down the words that you are already two years oldView full post »

Proud doesn’t begin to describe…

She woke up and you could tell she already felt different.  She seemed different. She reminded her little brother thatView full post »


A copy of Jaia’s school newsletter arrived today.  Her last of the year.  June 2012.  As I read it through, itView full post »

Sweet sounds…

My kids have mastered bickering.  And tattling.  And complaining about either not sharing.  Some days it’s fromView full post »

A new car!

I thought I had bought my last brand new car.  I bought the blue 2002 Mazda Protege5 brand new in 2001, and Shannen andView full post »

Wesley’s turn…

It slipped under the radar a few weeks back, but all of a sudden, without much warning at all, my boy turned 18 monthsView full post »

Mad skillz

Since we were talking about milestones and growing up too fast, I couldn’t not mention my girl, who I thoughtView full post »

Help yourself.

As your child grows and becomes more independent, you get to sit back a little and watch them get a real feel for theView full post »

Milestone #241

Our little dude is not so little anymore. In fact, he hasn’t been for awhile. He’s been over the weightView full post »

A rite of passage

Another milestone reached.  She’s officially a real kid.  Inducted into the exclusive club.  LifetimeView full post »