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Day 4 sans Mamma

Princess stickers! A walk before the rain (note the improving color coordination skills of daddy …) Jaia takes aView full post »

Day 3 sans Mamma

Wake up! Always happier after the banana delivery. Uncle Sean and Auntie Vinne came over last night for dinner (firstView full post »

Day 2 sans Mamma

So far today: Shopping (much colder than yesterday 🙁 ) More shopping (this is her “cheese” face!) BeforeView full post »

Busy Saturday – now with youtube!

We had a busy day! First we took the Humph for a walk. Then we went downtown shopping. And then had sushi for lunch.View full post »

Day 1 sans Mamma

Jaia and I soaked up the sun in the back yard today after work, and did some crafts before dinner.  We both changedView full post »

The downside…

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m not yet mentally prepared to leave Jaia for that long.  Yes, she’s homeView full post »

Painting with Papoo

Jaia adores her Papoo.  She takes his hand and has him follow her everywhere.  They go on walks, have long chats, readView full post »

Easter Friday.

We had our Easter hunt on Friday morning.  My mom was in town and leaving today, so we wanted to not have to rushView full post »

Questions for mama.

Jaia has started to ask hard questions.  Questions I’ve never thought about before and some I can’t easilyView full post »


My very own burst of sunshine.  View full post »


We did not have the weekend we’d planned.  We received some bad news and then stayed hidden inside – notView full post »


Poe, Jaia’s new Ugly Doll, courtesy of Nana.  View full post »


Splish, splash, splish, splash! I was wishing that I had my rainboots on too.View full post »


We had our last gymnastics class today.  The games more bigger, higher and more fun than the first class when the goalView full post »