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Where have you gone, Mr. Stroumboulopoulos?

Like many people my age, I laughed at the idea of the Muchmusic VJ search, watched an episode out of pure boredom oneView full post »

My favourite cartoon.

I watched a fair share of cartoons growing up …. Saturday morning was a ritual involving a giant cushion, aView full post »

Poor Kenny

I am a Kenny Rogers fan. The Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits album with The Gambler, Lady, Coward of the County, and otherView full post »

Arrested Development not dead?

Completely unsubstantiated rumour: Showtime has picked up the show for 2 years at ~12 episodes a year. Here’sView full post »

Owen Pallett April 15th Black Sheep

Who’s in? aka Final Fantasy (terrible band name) aka violinist from the Arcade Fire aka I’ve already boughtView full post »

W is for Winner

Dan has won again. This time it is movie passes to tonight’s early screening of V is for Vendetta at Silver City.View full post »

Sheer Genius!

I wish this had really happened. I think we all do.View full post »

Let the HD era begin!

After much soul-searching and commitment to devote 2006 to reducing our debt load and saving money, Shannen and I wentView full post »

bits and bytes …

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means … best of lists! If you have, submit one in theView full post »

recent music happenings …

music has been a focus recently: – shannen and I both saw pearl jam in september; I in montreal, she in ottawa.View full post »

neat stuff

– satellite radio has launched in canada. I’m having a hard time with the concept of paying $15 a month toView full post »