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W is for Winner

Dan has won again. This time it is movie passes to tonight’s early screening of V is for Vendetta at Silver City.

I haven’t heard much about this movie yet, but it stars Natalie Portman and I adore her. My fascination with her began in the early days with her portrayal of ‘Marty’ in the movie Beautiful Girls, one of my all time favourite movies. But she was also fantastic in Heat, Garden State (!!) and Closer. I won’t deny that she’s made some duds over the years. C’mon…Mars Attacks? Cult classic or not, I think it stinks.

Anyhow, all this to say that I am very excited to go. Dan and I rarely get to the watch movies on the big screen, so this is going to feel like it did for Annie when Daddy Warbucks dressed her up and brought her to the show for the very first time – Only my hair will be much less curly…and I don’t think the weather will allow for the cute red dress.

March 16, 2006 - 3:01 pm

dan - It’s hard to knock a free movie. So I won’t be too hard on “V for Vendetta”. It’s hard to categorize, but if you enjoy evil empire films/books (1984, Brave New World), or contemporary anti-US foreign policy political criti-dramas (Syriana, 3 Kings), you should probably see this film.

This film was James McTiegue’s first as director, after tons of assistant director credits on movies such as Dark City and The Matrix. Given his past projects, you would expect to be immersed in the “V for Vendetta World”, rich in mythology and atmosphere. However, I never found myself lost in another world. It lacked the vision and top-down design of a movie like “Sin City”, or his previous projections. I’m never convinced that I’m observing a complete alternate world. There are more people than just the director responsible for this (art direction, production design, etc), so I will lay blame on them all.

The two lead actors balance that negative … Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaver are great. The former shaved her head for the role, and the latter manages to provide depth to his role despite being behind a mask for all or most of the film.