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I’ve been forced into piracy.

So I was thinking of celebrating the near-end of my insane work schedule by writing a “Best albums of 2006”View full post »

If you could buy stock in a song …

… for investment purposes, I would pour everything I own into “The Prayer” by Bloc Party. It’sView full post »

Sean who?

Daniel Craig is James Bond. All previous portrayals were but filling time until now. You can disagree in the comments,View full post »

Happy? You will be.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy It’s better than bad, it’s good Our country reeks of treesView full post »

Spederline No More.

Like you weren’t expecting this to happen.  View full post »

Last night

I had big plans for last night.  And by big plans, I mean that I had a heck of a lot of tv to watch.  Oh, and I alsoView full post »

A new Sunday obession.

I’ve never been a football fan. I like playing it, and I’ve been to a Rider game or two, but I’veView full post »

We’ve made a terrible mistake

Disclaimer: If you haven’t ever watched Arrested Development, stop reading this, and go out and buy all threeView full post »

Buying movies and music encourages artists to make more.

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. If you can buy something, or pay to see it, you should not pirate it.View full post »

Afraid of the dark?

Dan and I adore movies. But for some reason, we don’t see very many in the theatre. Since we’ve beenView full post »

I’m embarassed for myself

You know how sometimes you see a commercial for a new show, and you think to yourself “wow, television has sunk toView full post »

Radiohead June 8, 2006 Toronto, ON

Shannen and I went to Radiohead in Toronto on Thursday night … “A long way to drive for one night,”View full post »

For Members Only

Washington D.C.’s most famous 80’s revival band is coming to D’arcy McGees in Bells Corners! That&#View full post »

Greatest Album cover ever. Ever!

Without a single hint of hyperbole, I think it’s safe to say that the above album cover is the greatest albumView full post »