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Snow Fun

Over the holidays, our friend Dominik spent an afternoon outside building Jaia a very special slide in our front yardView full post »

Ballet Class…

…was awesome.  I have a fantastic story to tell – but not tonight.  I’m exhausted and want to do itView full post »

The birthday.

Jaia turned three in December.  The Fullerton tradition continued and we woke the bean up with a treat rather thanView full post »

The worst part…

Our family does a three year rotation for the holidays.  This year was our year to stay put.  No planes, trains, orView full post »


She doesn’t walk, she dances and twirls into a room, she sings at a whisper, she tells the most wonderful storiesView full post »

A rare sight…

All three of us, together, in a picture.  Even more rare is when Snow White joins us.  She’s a shy one, thatView full post »


Year one: Jaia was 11 months old and sat pleasantly on Santa’s knee for one great shot before she realized she&#View full post »

Cold hands, warm heart.

I don’t like winter.  And I complain about it a lot. The cold air is too cold and the snow, for mid-December, isView full post »

Another first

When babies are little, their ‘firsts’ come quickly.  First smiles, first laughs, first solids, first rollView full post »

And more of what we've been up to…

Days at Nana and Papoo’s are fun-filled and busy.  Today we spent the morning taking a beautiful walk through theView full post »

For Daddy…

We are in Virginia.  Well, Jaia and I are, while Dan stays home and rips our kitchen apart.  As you can see from theView full post »

7 years…

Dan and I had our first date 7 years ago today.  He says that there are only so many anniversaries that you canView full post »


I’m already missing summer and cute summer dresses.  Crocs, not so much.View full post »